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    Questions to Ask an Airport Transfer Company

    Before you contract with a company to handle your Sydney airport transfer or other airport transfers, it’s important to understand all of the terms and conditions set forth by the car service. You want to be made aware of all policies so that you can insure that you have a safe and pleasant experience.

    Many airport transfer companies will provide you with a list of terms and conditions upon request, but you may need to clarify certain aspects of using the service before making a reservation. Below are some common questions you should get the answers to before travelling.

    What Happens If the Transfer Is Late?

    In some cases your vehicle transfer may arrive late. You want to find out if you receive a reduced fee or a credit if the driver shows up late and you’re made to wait. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re at the airport trying to wrangle your luggage and locate the car, having to wait around is a great inconvenience.

    In rare instances, you may end up being stranded. Typically this is not the transfer company’s fault, but usually results from a driver getting lost, getting the arrival information wrong, or a glitch in the computer system. Most companies will immediately send someone out to get you, but you want to find out the company’s policy on dealing with clients stranded at the airport.

    Cancellation Policy

    You need to find out what happens if you arrange for an airport transfer and need to cancel at the last minute. Most transfer services allow you to cancel within a certain timeframe without any problems, but you may be charged a fee for cancelling if it’s done on the same day or only a few hours in advance. The less time you leave the driver to find a new client, the higher the chance that you’ll need to pay some sort of cancellation fee. Not every company charges a fee, so just ask before reserving a transfer.

    You’ll also want to find out the policy regarding clients that don’t show up. In some cases you may need to cancel your flight and forget to contact the transfer company that you no longer need their services. Will you still be required to pay the full fee or just a cancellation fee?

    Policy Regarding Service

    When working with airport transfers you will experience a variety of different drivers. Some have happy, outgoing personalities while others are reserved. The important part is that every driver you meet offers exceptional service. Find out how the company handles complaints and requests from clients. Is there a 24-hour help line if you need to speak to someone at midnight, or do you need to wait for normal business hours to speak with the company? While most people receive exceptional service and walk away happy, you need to understand the company’s policy on customer service. Asking the right questions before making a reservation will help insure you have a great trip.

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