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    Types of Airport Transfer Services for Busy Travellers

    Parking your car at the airport while you travel is often expensive and puts a crimp in your budget. If you’re travelling for a holiday, you don’t want to spend your money unnecessarily. Also, your car is never quite as safe parked at a busy airport as it is parked at home while you’re gone. There are a few options to choose from when deciding on the right type of airport transfers. Cost and comfort are two factors that should help you decide on the right type of transfer.

    Taxi Services

    One service available to everyone is a taxi service. You can have a taxi pick you up from home and take you to the airport or vice versa. Since taxis charge by mileage, the farther you live away from the airport the more it will cost to use a taxi.

    While there’s usually a taxi available any time of the day or night, there are no guarantees on its cleanliness. Since many people use a taxi throughout the day, if you get into one near the end of the driver’s shift it may not be the most comfortable or the cleanest.

    Bus Services

    Busses also offer airport transfer services. You can pick up a local bus and have it drive you to the airport, or you can arrange to ride a bus from the airport to an area close to your home. There are also bus services that drive a traveller to specific hotels or other destinations.

    Bus fees are usually affordable since you handle your own luggage and manage when you get on and off the bus. The disadvantages include having to ride with a number of other people, not having a bus drop off or pick up point close to you destination, and busses aren’t known for being the most comfortable mode of transportation.

    Private Car Rental

    One last option is a private car rental. If you’re looking to travel in a clean, comfortable car, then a private airport transfer is your best bet. Airport transfer services offer a variety of different vehicles, from luxury sedans to limos or SUVs and the cars are cleaned well and have modern comforts and conveniences. There is one set rate, so the price won’t go up if the mileage increases or you need to make a quick stop on the ride home. You will also have a dedicated driver who knows exactly where you need to be, whether it’s dropped at your front door or escorted to a local hotel.

    With the variety of transfer options, it’s just your personal taste that decides how you want to travel to and from airport.

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