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    Chauffeured Cars

    Chauffeured CarsChauffeured cars are used by companies that offer car services. These types of cars are known to be luxurious in many ways. It is used for the satisfaction of the customers in traveling from one destination to another. It is also used in many occasions such as weddings, corporate travel, leisure travels, personalized service or even a personal luxury travel.

    Chauffeured cars also used for airport pick ups. Some travelers, especially those who are in the business and the corporate world, don’t want to waste their time waiting on lounges. One of their options is to acquire the service of chauffeured companies. It will maximixe their time and effort in traveling, not to mention the luxurious look of a chauffeured car that really gives the traveler the comfort and style that they prefer.

    Chauffeured cars are also provided by chauffeured companies as a great alternative to queuing for impersonal taxis or jam-packed airport transfer buses. These are fully accredited and licensed vehicles that are driven by a professional chauffeur who doesn’t charge any extra service and also for unexpected traffic jams, toll ways or other traffic problems.

    A chauffeured car can be used for all occasions. It’s not too pretentious either, but will always make the best impression at any occasion or a very important corporate event. Special safety features include the capability to withstand military-grade small arms fire and certain explosive devices, a self-sealing fuel tank, and a special alarm system that is best for transporting businessmen, corporate travelers, government leaders and dignitaries.

    Here are some lists of best chauffeured cars:

    BMW 7 Series
    The limousine with the style to impress you.

    Range Rover
    A country classic but good in sporting events.

    Rolls Royce Phantom
    The ultimate in prestige and status.

    Bentley Continental Flying Spur
    This latest offering from the Bentley stable is a technological masterpiece.